Since July 2018 Airbnb has also been offering various Experiences in Switzerland.


We ourselves offer different experiences. All available in German and English. 



Cooking class for homemade cheese fondue. 

Information and registration


Snowshoeing for beginners.

Information and registration

Video about a snowshoeing tour in Langis.


Paddling tour into the sunset. 

Information and registration


Video about a paddling tour into the sunset.


Learn to paddle in a simple way. 

Information and registration

Or do with me a big kayak tour with food and drink in the bay of Lucerne. 

Information and registration


Video about a paddling tour on the Lake of Sempach.


Paddling at full moon. 

Information and registration

Many other ideas you can find here

About this link you will find our Guidebook at Airbnb with many possibilities and the direct links: https://www.airbnb.ch/rooms/22492876/guidebook

Wir sind gerne für Sie da

Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch bei uns. Wo immer möglich, erfüllen wir gerne Ihre Wünsche.


We are glad to be here for you

We look forward to your visit in our home. Whenever possible, we are happy to fulfill your wishes.

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