René Lang


René has been fortunate enough, according to the commercial apprenticeship, that it has drawn him into the world of EDP (electronic data processing). So he dealt with computers early on. What was then called punch cards and later magnetic tapes to store data is almost unimaginable today.

Already at the age of 25, he started his own business as a programmer and later founded Lang Software AG. This company has grown up to a total of 150 permanent and freelance employees. After the sale of the company, he has made his hobbies photography and filming to his professional passion. Many films in countless areas have been created in this way.


René has 2 children from his first marriage. Mario, born in 1973 and Caroline 1976. Mario owns the company, where Caroline also works to 40%.



  • Family, Children (he has 3 grandchildren)
  • Making photos and films
  • Paragliding
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Build and maintain friendships and contacts


Here are a few links to films from the last few years:


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